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Open source API development ecosystem - https://hoppscotch.io (open-source alternative to Postman, Insomnia)
lang: TypeScript
stars: 61K
last activity:
keploy / keploy
Test generation for Developers. Generate tests and stubs for your application that actually work!
lang: Go
stars: 3.4K
last activity:
PHP Mutation Testing library
lang: PHP
stars: 2K
last activity:
Pester is the ubiquitous test and mock framework for PowerShell.
lang: PowerShell
stars: 3K
last activity:
syzkaller is an unsupervised coverage-guided kernel fuzzer
lang: Go
stars: 5.2K
last activity:
Testcontainers is a Java library that supports JUnit tests, providing lightweight, throwaway instances of common databases, Selenium web browsers, or anything else that can run in a Docker container.
lang: Java
stars: 7.9K
last activity:
Storybook is a frontend workshop for building UI components and pages in isolation. Made for UI development, testing, and documentation.
lang: TypeScript
stars: 83.2K
last activity:
Test suites for Web platform specs — including WHATWG, W3C, and others
lang: HTML
stars: 4.7K
last activity: