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Fast and low overhead web framework, for Node.js
lang: JavaScript
stars: 31.1K
last activity:
grafana / k6
A modern load testing tool, using Go and JavaScript - https://k6.io
lang: Go
stars: 23.8K
last activity:
Command-line control panel for Nginx Server to manage WordPress sites running on Nginx, PHP, MySQL, and Let's Encrypt
lang: PHP
stars: 2.1K
last activity:
💡 A hinting engine for the web
lang: TypeScript
stars: 3.6K
last activity:
Powerful .NET library for benchmarking
lang: C#
stars: 10.1K
last activity:
cython / cython
The most widely used Python to C compiler
lang: Python
stars: 9.1K
last activity:
fortio / fortio
Fortio load testing library, command line tool, advanced echo server and web UI in go (golang). Allows to specify a set query-per-second load and record latency histograms and other useful stats.
lang: Go
stars: 3.2K
last activity: